Urban Shield Photos

I worked my first Urban Shield event and it was a great experience, even if it did get off to a rocky start.  I was assigned to the Urban Search & Rescue (USAR) exercise area located at NASA Ames Research Center at Moffett Field.  They have created a dedicated training area to simulate many different USAR scenarios.  As part of the Urban Shield exercise, USAR teams from all over the Bay Area came to run their teams through the different rescue scenarios (skills refreshers).  A constant flow of participants from mid-morning until after dark.  I worked with some well trained CERT members, mostly from Livermore and South SF.  Photos have been posted to our CERT Photo Album.  If you like photos of fire trucks, then check out the separate album of Urban Shield fire department participants.

Another Quake Tonight

Anyone feel this one? I sure didn’t.IMG_0068.PNG

Millbrae Art & Wine Festival

Community preparedness sightings at this year’s festival.  I’m jealous of their custom printed shelter.

Annual CERT Blog Statistics

Once again it’s time to look at the blog stats and here it is; since December 2008, the blog has been read 31,000 times from 85 countries!!  I also surpassed the 600 mark in the number of posts that have been put out for consumption.  Total number of blog visits in the past year is over 4,500.  The map below indicates where our readers come from during the past 12 months, darker colors are more blog views.
Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 4.17.10 PM

Urban Shield Exercise

What:  2014 Urban Shield Exercise
When: Saturday, September 6 and Sunday, September 7, 2014
Where: NASA/AMES Research Center

 The Alameda County Fire Department would like to invite you to participate in the 2014 Urban Shield Exercise on Saturday, September 6th and Sunday, September 7th in the South Bay.  Urban Shield 2014 is a full-scale regional preparedness training exercise involving local, national, and international first responder agencies.  Some of the positions and roles that are filled by CERT Teams include logistics/site support, Ham Radio communications and support to the Urban Search and Rescue (US&R)/Technical Rescue Teams which will be presented with several realistic training scenarios.  Examples of training scenarios include rescues from confined spaces, trenches, high and low angles and building collapse.  CERT Teams should be prepared to assist US&R/Technical Rescue Teams with turning off utilities, moving victims to casualty collection points and treating victims at Medical Treatment Areas.   

 If you are interested in participating in the 2014 Urban Shield Exercise and available to commit to a full day (12-hour operational period), please contact Nick Zubel by email at nick.zubel@acgov.org or by phone at 925-833-3473 x1720 Don’t forget to also inform either Pat or Christy if you’re going to volunteer.

Additional information about the exercise will be provided at a later date to anyone who registers to volunteer.


August Meeting Minutes for Belmont CERT Available

Meeting minutes for this month’s meeting are now available under the Meeting Minutes page.  Welcome our newest member Pamela Arellano!  Besides the minutes, photos of the presentation charts have also been posted to our Photo Album.
IMG_8780 IMG_8809

Spotted on eBay

I’m always keeping an eye out for interesting CERT items and saw this Canadian badge. Very cool!


CERT Backpacks

I know there have been CERT members who have upgraded their original backpacks.  Some are like myself, continually adding more and more items until you have problems zipping it up.  We all know that the hardhat takes up a lot of room too!  A few years ago I had upgraded to a larger (no-name, no warranty) CERT backpack that I found online.  It had a roomy main compartment and other pockets to help organize the contents.  Unfortunately workmanship was lacking and I was considering a replacement. 

On a recent trip to visit relatives, I was shopping at an Air Force PX and a backpack caught my eye.  This is the Sandpiper of California Bugout Backpack , comes with a lifetime warranty and is also available on Amazon.  This military-style backpack is built more like luggage, yet has a robust shoulder and waist straps which can be hidden away.  The main compartment can be unzipped all the way (a feature I always suggest), has an expansion zipper to increase the depth by a generous three inches, and has the military MOLLE attachments on the front to mount other pouches.  There is also a large strip of velcro to attach whatever you wish.  I purchased a reflective CERT strip from a police supply store to mount on the bag.  Yes, its not CERT green, but I think I’ll be happy with this one for a while (especially since there is still room for more gear!). IMG_8771

Container Recycle Idea

For those who may have access to large medication bottles, there can be new uses for them besides tossing them into the recycle bin.  These larger bottles can be useful for storing smaller items in a preparedness kit (first aid items, batteries, matches, etc) .  As you can see, they can be used to store spare eyeglasses too.


Foster City CERT Preparedness Event

Foster City CERT put on a show of preparedness awareness for the public today in Leo Ryan Park.  Many CERT members, along with the contents of five trailers were on hand to demonstrate the standard skills obtained through the training.  Individual shelters were in place for each specific skill, along with an emergency camp set up in the middle.  This camp represented what may be required for those unable to remain in their homes after a disaster.  Photos have been posted to our CERT Photo Album.
IMG_87672014_ DSC05821_RX100  2014_ DSC05868_RX100