Keychain Flashlight, Are You Carrying One?

Today’s big blackout in San Francisco highlights the utility of having a flashlight with you at all times. The Nitecore TIP is my current everyday carry light source.  Small, lightweight and powerful- highly recommended. 

Silver Dragon XI

This year’s Silver Dragon exercise focused on the theme of mosquito awareness and took place in various neighborhoods of Foster City.  Under sunny skies and pleasant temperatures, approximately 50 CERT volunteers from Foster City and neighboring cities were on hand to support the event.  As in previous years, shopping bags containing various information flyers were distributed door-to-door by twelve teams working from two field command posts.  The Countywide goal was to distribute to 16,000 homes.

The main command center was Foster City FD Station 28, where breakfast and lunch were also served.   HAM and FRS radio communications were employed for the exercise, Belmont personnel also did more field testing with MURS radios.

Additional photos have been posted to the CERT Photo Album.

Oracle Disaster Drill

This week I, along with 16 others, volunteered to be a victim for a disaster drill conducted on the Oracle campus.  This was my first time as a victim, and the moulaging was interesting.  I was made up with a broken leg, head laceration and a screwdriver sticking out of my arm.  Michele Richards was the person running this exercise, along with her colleagues from FIRST IN Emergency Response Training.

Oracle fed us a nice breakfast, and got us where we needed to be for the 0900 start time of the exercise.  Exercise locations were spread across different buildings on the Oracle campus.  We “rearranged” furniture in several offices and proceeded to wait for our rescuers.  Search & Rescue teams showed up at our location around 10:15 for size up and triage of victims, but medical evacuation teams did not show up until 12:30.  I had been classified as Delayed but the SAR team missed my broken leg since they skipped the head-to-toe assessment.  This surprised the evacuation team but luckily they brought a backboard with them which they were able to place under me despite the fact that I was underneath a desk.  Interesting tip: regarding my protruding screwdriver, a SAM splint was rolled into a short cylinder, placed over the screwdriver, and then bandaged in place.

Four folks carried me out of the building, using the elevator, and loaded me into an Oracle bobtail truck for the ride over to the medical treatment area (Oracle indoor basketball court).  Interestingly they had cots set up on the triage tarps, so they had to transfer me from the backboard to the cot.  At that point the exercise ended and we were all treated to a fajita bar with all the trimmings.

More photos have been posted to the CERT Photo Album.

April Belmont CERT Meeting

This month’s meeting covered the following topics:
>Capt. Halleran presented the Belmont/Foster City/San Mateo Fire Annual Report 2016  that was just released, our CERT activities were highlighted in the document.
>the upcoming Silver Dragon XI exercise on 4/20/17 which will be held in Foster City this year- CDC observers to be in attendance
> the Community Shield II event on 5/2-5/3 at S.M. Expo Center
>Sober Prom to be held 4/26
>Disaster Preparedness Day on 6/10, free admission as before but no free parking
>the introduction of Brad Davis, the new Foster City CERT Coordinator
-formerly of Malibu CERT, proponent of enhanced medical training for CERT members
>Hayman and Al participated as victims in the Oracle Disaster Drill conducted Tuesday

Photos have been posted to the CERT Photo Album.

San Mateo County Morgue Tour

It took a while but Belmont CERT finally had a tour of the San Mateo County Morgue.  One of the autopsy technicians took our small group through the facility, explaining the various processes, roles and responsibilities, and answering all of our questions.  Easiest way to sum it up: it’s not the way its portrayed on TV shows.  Thanks to Capt. Halleran and the San Mateo County Coroner’s Office for making this happen.

NOTE: these are generic photos from the web since photos were not permitted on the tour.

Upcoming Training- Spanish CERT Academy

Spanish CERTRedwood City/San Carlos CERT program will offer their first Spanish CERT Academy, beginning on April 29, 2017.  The course dates and locations are listed below; the flyer and application are available at the link below.  Please pass along this information to your friends, family and community networks. 
April 29, 2017, 9:00am to 4:30pm @ John Gill School
May 6, 2017, 9:00am to 4:30pm @ John Gill School
May 13, 2017 9:00am to 12:30 pm @ Redwood City Fire Station 9, 755 Marshall Street
Flyer and Application Link

Are you bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish?  If so, your assistance would be greatly appreciated at our upcoming Spanish CERT Academy.  Please contact Christy Adonis if you are able to help.

March Belmont CERT Meeting

This month’s meeting covered the following topics:
> Al D, recounted his experience supporting the East Palo Alto Community Emergency Drill
> Cynthia S. recounted her experiences working a Red Cross shelter during the San Jose floods
> Silver Dragon XI exercise 4/20/17 will target Westwood Knols neighborhood
> Community Shield II event on 5/2-5/3 at S.M. Expo Center, volunteer victims needed
> S.M. Coroner morgue tour being coordinated
> New project for the Trailer Team is a Shelter Trailer to store/transport folding cots and blankets

Photos have been posted tot he CERT Photo Album.



Six Month Checklist:


Inaugural East Palo Alto Community Emergency Drill

baWe have received an invitation from Menlo Park CERT  join them for the inaugural East Palo Alto (EPA) Community Emergency Drill with CERT first responders, EPA resident volunteers and organizations. The exercise will be held March 18.  This is an opportunity to meet other area CERTs and to work with members of the East Palo Alto community.  
The goal of the drill is to practice three core capabilities of organization/ operations coordination (with multiple response groups), information collection and effective communications (both internally and externally).
Drill activities will include SMC Alert activation (at the site), ICP setup, and setup and deployment of Operations, Logistics, Medical Operations and Communications units.  We will engage in area reconnaissance, area damage assessment, triage/transport and medical treatment.  A number of response-required injects will also be included.
More details can be found on the Meeting/Activities page.

Belmont City Manager’s Weekly Update- NDNU Class

Another mention of the Belmont CERT activity in the City Manager’s Weekly report.  Thanks to all that participated, especially the CERT volunteers.

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