Save The Date- Disaster Preparedness Day

Don’t forget to sign up with Capt Halleran or Christy Adonis for booth duty!

Local Medical Supplies

Checked out San Mateo Medical Market (behind Mollie Stone) and saw some items worth mentioning.  They have good prices for nitrile gloves, even better with their current sale.   They also have body wipes for bathing for only $3.  There is a wide selection of gauze and bandages too.  Good prices on first aid kits. 


2014 Belmont CERT Volunteer of the Year

At the May 12, 2015 Belmont City Council meeting, one of our own was recognized as the 2014 CERT Volunteer of the Year.  I was quite surprised by the honor and appreciate the recognition by Capt Halleran, Chief Keefe and others responsible.  While it is a privilege to work with our first responders and give back to the community, the friendships created by CERT are equally rewarding and motivate me in all I do.  Thanks to my fellow CERT’s that were able to attend, and to Christy Adonis for being there.

Since the City Council meetings are televised, everyone can watch the award presentation.  The presentation by Capt. Halleran starts at the eight minute mark. Video link:  Photos from the event have also been put in our CERT Photo Album.IMG_1157

Redwood City Fire Chief to Retire

smdj_article_1776425142988_1Redwood City Fire Chief Jim Skinner has announced that he plans to retire June 28, according to the city.

Skinner was hired by the Redwood City Fire Department in May of 1982, steadily working his way up through the ranks. In 1990, he was promoted to captain and in 1998 he became battalion chief. Jim headed up the Training Division for three years before being assigned to the “B” platoon. The city appointed him as the new fire chief in September 2008, according to the city.

Congratulations on your upcoming retirement and thank you for your service to the community!

Earthquake Swarm in East Bay Today

Mother Nature reminding us that everyday is earthquake season.
Are you prepared?

CERT Disaster Movie Social Event

Bring your family and join the CERT Team for a day at the movies, we will be coming together at the Century Theater in downtown Redwood City to see “San Andreas”, which as you know is the earthquake faultline we live on.  This will be on May 30th, the 2:00 show at Century 20 Downtown, 825 Middlefield Rd., Redwood City.

Let’s get together as a CERT GROUP and show the community we are here, prepared and strong!   A theater filled with CERT hats!  This will be a fun outing prior to Preparedness Day (June 6) at the San Mateo County Fair. Bring your family, get your tickets in advance, on your own and meet us there, at the top of the escalators, table seating to the right, adjacent to the main snack bar.  Special thanks to the Social Event Planning Committee and Team Member Carol Corden for this great idea and coordinating this Movie Day for our Team!!!

Have questions about this event, day, date time etc…
Contact: CERT Social Event Planning Team Member Carol Corden at

Additional Photos Added

Thanks to Terese Ruth for the additional photos for the Evidence Search activity and thanks to Sanya Lu for contributing some good photos for Redwood City activity for Silver Dragon.  These new photos have been added to the CERT Photo Album.

Belmont PD Evidence Search

There was a callout today to Belmont CERT members to assist Belmont PD with the search for evidence associated with the slaying of a youth in the parking lot of the China Village Restaurant.   Eight CERT’s responded to the call and, with support from Police personnel, set out to comb the neighboring areas for items matching the evidence description.  This was another opportunity to get more experience with our new MURS radios.  Photos have been added to our CERT photo album.

Some tips to remember:
– bring some gloves
– bring a hiking staff or pole, this come in handy for poking into brush and stabilizing yourself on sloping terrain
Belmont CERT, murder weapon search, Belmont CERT, murder weapon search,

Disaster Airlift Response Team Exercise

Today I had the opportunity to observe the DART exercise conducted by the pilots of the South County Airport Pilots Association (SCAPA), along with Morgan Hill and Gilroy CERT and other volunteers at San Martin airport.  This was the second time this exercise has been conducted.  The goal of the exercise is to utilize local flights to simulate the transport of people and materiel that SCAPA would perform in a real emergency that disrupts regional surface transportation.  Besides myself, various OES representatives from nearby cities were also on hand to observe.

As with any exercise, there were delays in getting started due to various issues in the setup of the command center and along with the windy weather.  The weather delayed a planned flight from Washington state, delivering a load of food supplies.  Food donations were also supplied by many volunteers, adding to the logistics of screening/sorting/packing of the food for air travel.  The food collected actually went to a local food bank by van instead of by air.

Once the exercise was underway, I was asked to be a “victim” that would be transported to the Stanford Hospital ER.  Two pilots, two victims and a comfort dog were loaded into a four seat Cessna and took a 20 minute flight to Palo Alto airport.  Palo Alto OES was there to transport the “victims” to Stanford Hospital and check in at the ER desk.  Total transport time for the “victims” was 53 minutes.  Then it was back to the airport and a flight back to San Martin, getting us back just in time for the exercise debrief.

Photos have been posted to the CERT Photo Album.  Kudos to the folks at SCAPA for all the work that goes into such an exercise, and special thanks to the pilots of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Air Squadron for providing the skilled pilots for my flight.
2015 DART exercise, CERT,2015 DART exercise, CERT, 2015 DART exercise, CERT,  2015 DART exercise, CERT,

2015 Silver Dragon IX

Another successful Silver Dragon exercise is in the books.  Good weather prevailed, making it a perfect day to take a walk thru neighborhoods.  Belmont CERTs worked well with our San Mateo and Foster City counterparts.  Belmont CERT also had a chance to successfully try out the new MURS radios and the base station in the command vehicle.  Voice quality and range were quite good and significantly better than what FRS would have done.  Photos have been uploaded to the CERT Photo Album from both the San Mateo and Redwood City/San Carlos exercises.  More information will be posted as I dig it up.

Foster City Silver Dragon Press Release
Patch news article
San Mateo County Health Press Release
2015 Silver Dragon,  CERT, 2015 Silver Dragon,  CERT,2015 Silver Dragon, Redwood City-San Carlos CERT,