Belmont Fire Dept Engine 15

Engine 15 is seen here parked in front of City Hall during the City Council meeting to recognize first responders for their contributions.  This was the same meeting that recognized our CERT Volunteer of the Year.2016_DSC00051_RX100_AuroraHDR.jpg

Community Shield Exercise

from the Belmont City Manager’s Weekly Update (5/13/16):Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 9.18.48 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 9.18.57 PM
This week personnel from Belmont Police, as part of the San Mateo County SWAT Counter Terrorism Assault Team, and Belmont Fire Department, in their role as the San Mateo County HazMat Unit, participated in the Community Shield counter terrorism exercise.

Several other County agencies including San Mateo Co. Sheriff, San Mateo Fire, Foster City Fire, EMS and PublicHealth also participated. The full-scale exercise, which was held at the San Mateo County Event Center, dealt with a simulated terrorist incident involving the release of hazardous materials. Volunteers, including members of Belmont Fire Department CERT, acted as role-players, ranging from terrorists to victims who had to be “decontaminated”.

Local civic officials from around San Mateo County, including City Manager Greg Scoles and Council Members Charles Stone and  Davina Hurt, attended as observers.  It was an excellent training exercise and demonstrated the capabilities and skills of our first responders to deal with a WMD type incident.

Belmont CERT Volunteer of the Year

2016_DSC00073_RX100.jpgOn Tuesday night, the Belmont City Council took the time to acknowledge our first responders and volunteers that made a difference in the community during the past year.
Tannaz Newell was recognized the VOTY for her efforts in organizing public CPR training sessions with the assistance of BFD paramedic Brent Nolan (who was also presented with the Firefighter of the Year award).  A good turnout of fellow Belmont CERT members were on hand to cheer her on.  Mayor Eric Reed gave his personal thanks to Tannaz at the award reception afterwards.

Be sure to extend your congratulations to Tannaz the next time you see her!
(group photo courtesy of Tim Wong)

New Reporting Tool Evaluated at Silver Dragon

Screen Shot
During this year’s Silver Dragon exercise, a new reporting tool was employed by a few testers, myself included.  Beside using MURS radio communications to report our team’s status/progress, I was also tasked with reporting similar status online using my smartphone .  Operation Dragon Fire allows data to be collected from multiple teams quickly and without some of the inevitable radio confusion.

A representative from ODF, Allison Harrington – CDC Project Manager ODF, was on hand to observe firsthand how the tool worked.  As with any new software, there were some issues we experienced but the potential of the tool was readily apparent as the data stream flowing up the ICS chain can be sent faster and more accurately.  However it does assume the cellular networks are intact and you are able to get a signal on your phone.

For more information: Operation Dragon Fire CERT, Silver DragonBelmont CERT, Silver Dragon


San Carlos Volunteer Outreach Event

Event was well organized and fed the booth team well. Not too many people but we got some very interested in joining CERT. Carol had 80 whistles as a giveaway and only 10 left at the end. She also gave out the red shopping bags. FullSizeRender.jpg

2016 Belmont CERT Volunteer of the Year

The annual BPD & BFD Annual Awards will be presented at the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 10th.  The Fire Dept. awards will include the CERT Volunteer of the Year, which will be presented to Tannaz Newell for her work with Firefighter/Paramedic Brent Nolan in setting up and coordinating CPR Classes for the community.  Brent will be one of the two Firefighter of the Year Belmont CERT, Silver DragonAward recipients for his work with the CPR Classes.  All Belmont CERT Volunteers are cordially invited to attend the meeting and support Tannaz and our Police and Fire personnel.  The PD will be presenting it’s annual Officer of the Year, Dispatcher of the Year, Employee of the Year and Volunteer of the Year.

Where: Belmont City Council Chambers – 2nd floor City Hall
Date: Tuesday, May 10th
Time: 7:00pm

The meeting starts at 7:00pm and the awards are at the beginning right after the pledge.  The awards will take approx. 20 min and then the Council will recess and people who came for the awards only will move to the EOC for a reception.

Hope to see a good turnout on Tuesday night!

Belmont-Redwood Shores School District Training

Belmont Police Dept & Belmont CERT provided Belmont-Redwood Shores School District personnel with Emergency Response Team Training on Wednesday April 27.  Teachers and administrators went through three training stations: Fire Extinguisher,  Medical Triage & Classroom Barricade.   Over 90 minutes, approximately 180 folks completed the training.

Main Instructors: Matt Lucett – BFD, Capt. Pat Halleran – BPD, School Resource Officers Milana Jordan and Brian Vogel – BPD.  Thanks to the CERT team members that supported the sessions.
Belmont CERT, BRSSD training, Belmont CERT, BRSSD training, Belmont CERT, BRSSD training,Belmont CERT, BRSSD training,

San Mateo County Community Shield Exercise

San Mateo County Public Health will be holding a “Community Shield” exercise in mid-May and is need of volunteers to act as victims.  This promises to be an interesting exercise and will be viewed by invited public officials.  However, participation as a victim is not for everyone.

This is a terrorism exercise involving, the anti-terrorism SWAT Team (T-CAT) and Fire HazMat, who are going to have to respond to a simulated terrorist attack incident.  This is a full-scale exercise and the simulated victims will be exposed to a simulated toxic agent and will undergo decontamination procedures.  This call for volunteers is being sent to all SMCo CERT Teams.50895380
For more information, please go to the “MEETINGS/ACTIVITIES/CLASSES” link. If you want to participate, please RSVP to Belmont PD Capt Halleran ( no later than Monday May 2nd.

San Mateo County Hazard Mitigation Public Hearing

Short notice, but there is a Public Hearing tomorrow evening on the topic of the updated Hazard Mitigation Plan for San Mateo County.  Come hear how the County identifies and manages local hazards, and provide feedback.

Emergency Services Council Meeting
Thursday April 21, 2016 @ 5:30 PMBoard of Supervisors Chambers
400 County Center, Redwood City

Silver Dragon X Exercise

Silver Dragon X was conducted yesterday under clear, sunny skies and pleasant cool weather. As the last reports indicated, the 24 CERT’s for the San Mateo/Belmont Incident Command Post distributed material to 1866 residences in a two-hour period.  Apparently San Mateo County is rather unique in the nation for utilizing a “push” model for pandemic medication delivery versus the “pull” model.  The “pull” model has the population reporting to local hospitals to receive medication (with all the associated challenges of traffic, crowds, etc) while the “push” model utilizes volunteer resources like CERT to deliver needed medications door-to-door.  This year representatives from the Centers for Disease Control were on hand to observe firsthand how this model works.

For the second year in a row, Belmont CERT employed MURS radios for ICP  communications with team in the field.  MURS radios are vastly superior to FRS radios in range and voice quality and worked well in the various environments  of the assigned neighborhoods.  Photos from the exercise have been posted to the CERT Photo Album.
Belmont CERT, Silver DragonBelmont CERT, Silver Dragon  Belmont CERT, Silver Dragon