Belmont CERT – National Night Out 8/4/15

National Night out will take place at twelve locations in Belmont on Tuesday, Aug. 4.   Belmont CERT will have a booth at Carlmont Shopping Center (5:30-8:00).  Contact Capt. Pat Halleran ( if you wish to participate.IMG_1658 (1)

The purpose of the event, which began in the 1970s, is to highlight the need to make communities safer and to bring neighbors together to create unity within the streets.
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“The Really Big One” is Coming

I am not a normal reader of the New Yorker magazine, but a recent issue had an article we might want to read.  Titled “The Really Big One“, the author brings attention to a fault line running from Cape Mendocino to Vancouver Island and how this will be the site of a devastating earthquake.

One notable piece of information from the article is this guidance on estimating the magnitude of an earthquake:  “Seismologists know that how long an earthquake lasts is a decent proxy for its magnitude. The 1989 earthquake in Loma Prieta, California, which killed sixty-three people and caused six billion dollars’ worth of damage, lasted about fifteen seconds and had a magnitude of 6.9. A thirty-second earthquake generally has a magnitude in the mid-sevens. A minute-long quake is in the high sevens, a two-minute quake has entered the eights, and a three-minute quake is in the high eights. By four minutes, an earthquake has hit magnitude 9.0.”Map_6

This article link has in interview with a preparedness supply vendor who discusses how business has skyrocketed since the New Yorker article came out.

East Bay Quake

Folks in Fremont got a reminder that this is earthquake country and that everyday is earthquake season. Are you prepared? (iPhone app is EarthquakeLite)

June Belmont CERT Meetiing Minutes

Meeting minutes have been posted for the Jun 16th Belmont CERT Meeting (just in time for the July meeting)

Emergency Mobile Phone Apps

Improve your preparedness with the help of these useful and free mobile phone apps. Remember to test your application before an emergency to see if it will work without access to a cellular or wireless network. It is not uncommon for cellphone towers to get damaged or become inoperable during an emergency and smartphones can no longer connect to the Internet. Some apps have certain content that stays on the phone and other functions that require an Internet connection. To test, put the device in airplane mode and see exactly how useful the app will be if your Internet connection goes down.

Read about these potentially critical apps here.app_features_webpage_medium
This information has been provided for our CERT group’s use courtesy of GetReadyGear

Disaster Preparedness- Potable Water Supplies

Standard Red Cross guidelines are to store a minimum three-day supply of water (one gallon of water per person, per day).  Some products, like the Water Bob, are useful in storing water indoors.  Other folks might use barrels stored outside the home, but has anyone thought of storing cans of water?  Blue Can Water sells premium emergency drinking water in cans that are supposed to be good for 50 years! sells a whole pallet of 2400 cans for $3800 ($1.58/can), in a disaster you might be able to sell them for $5 each?IMG_0211

Redwood City/San Carlos CERT ID Requirements

ID cards have been the topic of many discussions at our team meetings, resulting in the following criteria to receive your new ID card.CERT-500x500

Having taken the basic CERT course and participating in CERT activities, trainings and meetings (as well as working with professional first responders) you as CERT members represent a group that has received additional training in many areas.  You have an understanding of ICS, chain of command, accountability and professionalism as a team and to our community. CERT members are seen and respected among their peers, the community and first responders as a knowledgeable team with specialized training. It is the team’s intent to keep all members skills sharp and up to date.  To do this, the team feels a minimum commitment is needed to maintain “active” status.

Active Members:

  • Attended a minimum of 2 trainings/meetings within the past 12 months*
  • Completion of ICS-100 Training, available online at
    (please print completion certificate to bring to photo shoot)
  • Completion of ICS-700 Training, available online at
    (please print completion certificate to bring to photo shoot)
  • Signed Participation Agreement form and signed Code of Conduct (provided at time of photo shoot)
  • *If you have been unable to attend 2 trainings/meetings in the past 12 months, you must
  • Attendance at a CERT Social Event such as the Summer or Winter Social is not a qualifying training event …

To get your CERT ID Card:

  • Begin the process by attending a monthly meeting to have your photo taken.
  • Assistant Coordinator Terese Ruth will confirm your required participation and receipt of prior submitted certificates.
  • Once you’ve completed the online training courses, email Assistant Coordinator Terese Ruth ( indicating the completion date of each course. (Please provide a copy of your completion certificate via email to Terese Ruth or bring it to the photo shoot).
  • When your photo is taken, please bring the printed completion certificates and you can fill out the Participation Agreement and sign the Code of Conduct in person.
  • Once all needed documents are received, your ID card will be printed and ready for you to pick up at a future training/meeting.
  • If you have any questions about the ID Card process, please contact Assistant Coordinator Terese Ruth (

San Carlos Airport Open House

San Carlos FD Engine 13 made an appearance at the Airport Open House on Saturday.
2015 San Carlos Airport Open House, 2015 San Carlos Airport Open House,

Disaster Supplies Kit for Individuals with Diabetes

A Disaster Training Video I wanted to share:

Building a Disaster Supplies Kit for Individuals with Diabetes

Today’s training video can be found at the following web site:
There are also many other videos on the site that folks may find interesting.Diabetes-Header2

Self Heimlich Refresher

I happened to see this interesting device hanging on a cafeteria wall and thought I would share it here.  As shown in the second photo, it is used to apply the Heimlich technique to yourself if no one else is able to help.  As a reminder, if you are choking on an obstruction, the standard technique is to lean on a chair as shown in the third photo.

Heimlich toolcontenthh223222