Belmont CERT, August Meeting

This month, Captain Halleran reviewed National Night Out, the San Mateo Office of Education training event, and presented a refresher on Cribbing.  This cribbing video was shown, note the “hands-up” technique to indicate that everyone is clear before moving the load.  The Belmont CERT trailer also was present for the meeting, providing folks a refresher on contents and capabilities.  First aid kits from the trailer supplies were also given out to everyone, since the trailer will be getting “first responder” grade supplies.

>the SFO Disaster Exercise is on 9/28, rumors are that it may be a scenario involving two airliners.
> 30th Anniversary National CERT Conference in Los Angeles

Photos from the August Meeting have been posted to our CERT Photo Album.2016_DSC00205_RX1002016_DSC00212_RX100

Preparedness App for Kids

Sharing information on this preparedness app designed for kids.
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Recommended Preparedness Apps

Sharing some Red Cross information on recommended apps for your smartphone or tablet.
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No August Meeting for Redwood City/San Carlos CERT

No meeting tonight since most everyone saw each other at the picnic.


Another CERT BBQ is in the history books.  Plenty of good company, good food, fun games and camaraderie for everyone that attended.  The Marlin Park location was probably the best one we’ve ever had, with beach and bathrooms all close by, what more can you ask for?  Kudos to the Social Committee for all the work that went into this, gets smoother and smoother every year.  Check out all the photos on the CERT Photo Album.
2016 CERT BBQ,2016 CERT BBQ,2016 CERT BBQ,

Backup Battery Unit

Readers of the blog might recall that I have these Goal Zero solar powered backup power units.  The Escape 150, now discontinued, has an internal battery that can be charged by solar panel or household AC power.  I have two Escape units and each one has a solar panel to keep them charged up.  A portable source of independent power if there is an outage.

The Escape 150 battery can provide 1-2 laptop charges or 15 cell phone charges or 6 tablet charges.  There is also an AC outlet on the unit for powering low power devices (fan-yes, hair dryer- NO)

I recently noticed that one unit was holding less and less of a charge, only 20%, so I contacted Goal Zero see what was going on.  It turns out that the average lifetime of the batteries are only two years, and I’ve had these since the fall of 2012.  Luckily the internal battery can be replaced and cost $35 on Amazon.  Now I’m good to go again…but what about the second unit?  Guess that one is on borrowed time.

2016 National Night Out- Belmont

Belmont CERT members staffed the information table at the NNO event at Carlmont Village Shopping Center while Capt Halleran made the rounds to all eight neighborhood locations. Thanks to all that came out to chat with the public about disaster preparedness.  Also thanks to Terese for the photos.

More photos have been posted to the CERT Photo Album.

2016 National Night Out- Redwood City

This year Redwood City/San Carlos CERT was requested to provide a presence at the NNO event in Mezes Park in Redwood City.  That location raffled off a bicycle to a lucky family.  Thanks to Carol C for setting up and manning the information table (and providing photos).

More photos have been posted to the CERT Photo Album.

Belmont Trailer Team Activity

The new Belmont CERT Trailer Team, with Capt. Halleran, got together last Friday to review and inventory some of the trailer contents and assess items that might need to be replaced.  There were boxes of flashlights with old batteries that needed to have new ones substituted.  First aid kits were inventoried in detail with adhesive bandages and alcohol wipes identified for replacement.  Long term storage in an uninsulated trailer is not the ideal environment for maximum shelf life and this team will be performing regular inspections of the trailer contents.
Belmont CERT, trailer20160729_143347 (1)

July Belmont CERT Meeting

The guest presenter for the July meeting was John McKnight, Director of  Disaster & Emergency Services for the Salvation Army.  He gave a very interesting presentation on what services are provided and how they compare to Red Cross.  The Salvation Army concentrates on providing food and recovery services for victims while the Red Cross deals with shelter logistics.

Other items discussed:
>SFO Emergency Exercise scheduled for 9/28/16
>San Mateo city has approved the merger of San Mateo, Belmont and Foster City Fire Departments, next is Foster City then Belmont approvals

Photos of the meeting charts have been posted to the CERT Photo Album.
Belmont CERT, meetingBelmont CERT, meeting